Commercial & Corporate

Lexicon Lawyers considers that a prudently negotiated and drafted contract is the best way to protect our clients' legal rights and to reduce the likelihood of a dispute resulting in litigation.


We thoroughly and accurately prepare contractual terms to reduce potential risks to our clients and believe that our approach allows our clients maximum protection against both predictable situations, as well as unexpected events that may trigger legal proceedings.


Lexicon Lawyers represents clients in various commercial transactions involving:


  • Business Law

  • Corporations

  • Limited Liability Companies

  • Partnerships

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Construction contracts

  • Home renovation contracts

  • Purchase or sale of a business

  • Licensing

  • Regulatory and other aspects of consumer protection

  • Asset and share purchase agreements

  • Loans, credit facilities and securities

  • Supply agreements, and

  • Other commercial agreements


Our firm pursues to support each client in achieving their immediate and long-term objectives and we trust that they are best assisted through a hands-on and business-oriented application of our varied skills.